Automate operation "Join of images"

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Automate operation "Join of images"

Post by ttretyakk »

Hello! Please add the ability to automate merge images how "batch" operation.
- I have a few vertical images which need to merge to "two" in each image
- I lunch "Join images"
- choice two vertical images - install parameters
- save to one image.

And this process I ask you to automate by batch or droplet or other way....
Would have been better if:
keep the original creation date of the image to new split image (date create from first image or manually install)
keep IPTC from original image

Sorry from my English, I'm from Russia
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Re: Automate operation "Join of images"

Post by user123 »

Bump. I have similar feature suggestion. Currently there is no way to select to preserve original file date (at least from 1 file).