One Button to Copy File Path

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One Button to Copy File Path

Post by Brother Gabriel-Marie » Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:39 pm

We have the "Copy to Clipboard" button - but I'm dreaming of a non-menu button.
I wish I had one button to copy the image data to clipboard,
and a separate button to copy the full filename with path.

It would make work a lot easier for me.

I can try to do this with a authotkey script, but, although XnView lets me use the .ahk file for the custom command, MP doesn't actually run the file. I have to compile the script before MP will run it.

Okay, so I compiled the script and used the exe file for the custom button and it works like a charm.
If my dreams could come true, and I had to choose between running .ahk files and having a separate copy-path button, I would choose for MP to run .ahk files.

If anyone wants this, I have attached a zip file with the simple ahk script and the compiled executable that you can hook up to an MP command button.
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