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Improve custom sorting

Post by dannylin » Sat May 27, 2017 12:58 pm

1. Support cross-folder custom sort (viewing folder recursively, viewing a search [tag, rate, category, etc])

It could work like sorting by folder (and then filename), while the order of folders (and filenames) be determined by .XnViewSort. Fallback to default way if not determinable. For example, the order of "/home/myuser/foo/bar/AAA.jpg" and "/home/myuser/foo2/BBB.jpg" should be determined by "/home/myuser/.XnViewSort" since the uppermost common ancestor is "/home/myuser/". (For Windows, "C:\" could be regarded as "/C:/")

2. Allow custom sort for folders using .XnViewSort.

3. Make custom sort work like viewing a search when viewing a folder recursively (allow the user to sort, but does not save the result). It would be even better to add a warning message to alert the user that the sort result will not be saved in the current view (with an option to make it not shown again).

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