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Dynamic Histogram

Post by B.Douille »

In View or Full screen mode, we can we have an histogram of the picture by just pressing H. This is great but in the current version of XnViewMP, it's a static graph linked to the file content.

Problem is when doing adjustments the graph doesn't change. To evaluate the result of an adjustment we need to save the file and then close/reopen (or navigate to next picture / go back). This kills any possibility to do cancel the change via Ctrl-Z :(

When the screen image is updated the histogram needs to be also updated.

The best feature would be to see the graph updated dynamically while the Adjust dialog is open.
There was a similar suggestion opened for XnView: http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=5541
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Re: Dynamic Histogram

Post by ikyquocked »

Im supporting this suggestion! It's really must have when editing curves and levels! Clipping areas highlighting as well...
Its very obvious suggestion, very sad its not realized since 2006...