XnViewMP beta 0.26 - suggestions

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XnViewMP beta 0.26 - suggestions

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I would like to add two suggestions:

#1: has been asked before I guess; enable command line options for running xnview MP, especially the "-full" (fullscreen) option. I just tried to work around that missing function by scripting with autoit, but it's impossible to do
a) open file from windows explorer in fullscreen
b) doubleclick for switching between fullscreen viewer and xnview browser (and vice versa)

#2: make the "escape" key mapable as hotkey button.

I also would like to report a bug: if I chose "view -> show information" the information overlay only is shown in normal viewing mode imediately after selecting it. after switching back to the browser or to fullscreen mode it isn't shown in normal viewing mode anymore (just in fullscreen when switching back there).