Some feedback for XnViewMP beta 0.26

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Some feedback for XnViewMP beta 0.26

Post by plecto »

Hello Pierre, a few notes about version 0.26b for Mac OSX:

1) Open containing folder on a folder in the main pane have no effect.
2) Double click on a folder in the main pane causes to select the root of the filesystem
3) Copy to... and Move to... open a dialog window that lets you select the position in the filesystem where to copy or move the selected files. Clicking the "star" that is shown at the bottom left of this dialog window opens a empty blank rectangle.
4) Having selected "Last" as sturtup directory in the Options pane, when quitting and reopening XnView, the Last directory appears as current folder for a second, and then it suddenly disappears as the current folder becomes the root of the filesystem.
5) File --> Preferences menu is disabled
6) Opening the Tool --> Settings menu always starts with the Fullscreen option visualized.

Hope other users can replicate the above behaviors and that a new version of XnViewMP will be released soon!

Thanks for your effort Pierre.

Bests, Plecto