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Post by Ty »

I have never seen a discussion on the "big picture" for MP: what it is, why is it, how does it differ from XnView/Windows, etc. Is there such a discussion or introduction somewhere?


If there is NOT such a discussion/explanation, I think there should be one.

And a related question is: if I would like to help and contribute to the overall health and future of XnView, should I use (and therefore comment on) MP or Win?
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Re: Overview

Post by budz45 »

I sent a PM to Pierre (xnview) some month's ago asking him to make a sticky topic on this issue. I hope he or one of the mods could still do this as it's idea.

xnview wrote:Not exactly, xnview for un*x is very old, and use very old GUI (Motif). XnViewMP use the same source code for all platforms.
XnViewMP has a native unicode support, and will be able to load full bit depth picture (8/16/32 bits per component), ...
and also it was asked here; http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=20036
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