Explanations about metadata settings

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Re: Explanations about metadata settings

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Oh right, enabled by default, i'll change
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Re: Explanations about metadata settings

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UPDATE: added a French version of this very question on http://forum.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f ... bd#p132343
No there is no rating field in IPTC. Rating in XMP is a standard, hum a standard Microsoft & adobe use different setting :-(
And if you change the rating or color label, XMP is changed AND DB
I'm late for this party but this topic is still important so I took the freedom to "revive" this thread 7 years later :)

My question are:
  • 1. What is the XMP setting used for rating by XnViewMP (Version 0.78 x64, Jan 14 2016)? MetaDataDeluxe.com says XnView uses "xmp/xmp:Rating", is that correct?
    2. Have Microsoft & Adobe agreed to use the same setting since this thread was posted?
    3. I noticed on the page of MetaDataDeluxe.com that for a same information (i.e. rating, or creation date), different programs "write to" & "read from" different fields. So if I use the rating feature in XnView, it might end up being invisible in other programs, or even worse it could be removed when the file is exported. Would I not be more safe by simply using keywords to rate my pictures?
Thanks in advance for your reply/help
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