Add support for .lip files

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Add support for .lip files

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Since I'm on the topic of .clip files...

.lip is a file format produced by old versions of Manga Studio / Clip Studio, that predates the newer .clip format. Luckily, since XnView already supports .clip, adding support for .lip is incredibly trivial.

XnView opens .clip files by extracting the pre-generated thumbnail from the SQLite DB file embedded inside the .clip file, via something along the lines of "SELECT ImageData FROM CanvasPreview ORDER BY ImageWidth * ImageHeight DESC". To find the address of the embedded SQLite file, you, presumably, read the 64-bit value at location 0x30 in the file and add 0x10 to it.

The only difference between .clip and .lip is that with .lip - the entire file is the SQLite DB, therefore all that needs to be done to support it, is to copy the .clip implementation and remove the seek part, instead opening up the .lip file itself with SQLite in read-only mode and extracting the thumbnail with the exact same query.

Alas, I cannot provide any sample .lip file, because I only have large files remaining from those olden times, and the new versions of Clip Studio don't provide an option to save in that old format. I can only assure you that what I described will work, because that's what I myself am doing to read .lip files in my own C# project:

Much love for creating and supporting XnView through all these years. Cannot imagine getting by without it. :)
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