Convert tif to jpg from different mapnames

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Convert tif to jpg from different mapnames

Post by herms089 »

Hi there,

We have a program that produces tif files like 24052004194759_0.tif
These pictures are placed in a map name (=ordernumber).

So for example, all pictures of ordernumber 49222 are placed in this map 49222. A new ordernumber creates a new map-name and puts the tif-files in that (new created ) map.

So we have a directory with several mapnames and we that we want to convert all tif-files to jpg files inside these (new) created maps with a batch file.

The original map-names must stay the same.

Can you help me with this problem??

(I use the nconvert.exe downloaded with Qdig 1.2.0)

Kind regards,