convert webp to jpeg

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convert webp to jpeg

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Hello all,

i am under windows, i used the application NCONVERT v7.98 in command line to convert a WEBP file to jpg.

i have read that the format WEBP is supported for Reading, but I got an error message :

c:\quali\aaSOURCEaa\ImportWebMobile\DOC>nconvert.exe -resize 400 400 -ratio -q 8
0 -truecolors -out jpeg -o 1.jpg 1.webp
** NCONVERT v7.98 (c) 1991-2021 Pierre-E Gougelet (Nov 23 2021/17:08:51) **
Version for Windows NT/9x/2000/Xp/Vista/7 (All rights reserved)
** This is freeware software (for non-commercial use)

my_error_exit...<Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x52 0x49>
Error: Don't know how to read this picture (1.webp)

could you help me please ?

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Re: convert webp to jpeg

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Please add Plugins folder from XnView MP, you need to have libwebp.dll)