HEIC suport in NConvert

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HEIC suport in NConvert

Post by turboz747 »

I found NConvert doesn't support HEIC. But Xnview can support it after installing plugin.
How could I make NConvert support HEIC, which is iPhone native image file format?
Could you please support it?
Thnak you very much.
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Re: HEIC suport in NConvert

Post by xnview »

on windows?
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Re: HEIC suport in NConvert

Post by jdaniel »

I can confirm this. Latest version of XnConvert does not convert HEIC to JPG. I only shows a "failed" error. It also does not read the metadata from the files.
I noticed that XnConvert has a heif.dll plugin dated 03.06.2021. I replaced this with the heif.dll from XnView MP dated 02.09.2020 and it reads the metadata from the files and converts them with no errors being presented.

I am using Windows 10 Pro 21H1, XnConvert v1.92 and XnView MP v0.98.4, all x64.
Hope this helps.

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