JPEGTRANS does not use -keepfiledate

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JPEGTRANS does not use -keepfiledate

Post by Peter2 »

I have this command-line

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"D:\Program Files\nconvert.exe" -keepfiledate -jpegtrans exif -o "D:\xxx\Fotos\backup\459.jpg"   "D:\xxx\Fotos\backup\P1000459.JPG" 
In common, it works as expected. But in this case I get the CMD-message:

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** NCONVERT v7.70 (c) 1991-2019 Pierre-E Gougelet (Feb  1 2021/10:49:07) **
        Version for Windows NT/9x/2000/Xp/Vista/7  (All rights reserved)
** This is freeware software (for non-commercial use)
Lossless transformation of D:\xxx\Fotos\backup\P1000459.JPG : NOT NEEDED
The problem is: is doesn't only skis the jpegtrans, it also skips the -keepfiledate. And so I get a file with current date instead of original date ...
And my following nconvert-calls have to work with current date ..

What to do?
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Re: JPEGTRANS does not use -keepfiledate

Post by xnview »

will be fixed