-o flag, %, $EXIF:DateTaken[YYMMDDdate format] and strftime

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-o flag, %, $EXIF:DateTaken[YYMMDDdate format] and strftime

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Im trying to get the -o flag to work but either I do something wrong or its a bug.
I use % to get the original filename as documentation says but I only get a underscrore and a sequence number.
I try to use $EXIF:DateTaken[date format] but cant find documentation on how to specify the format.
I have tried -o MySubFolder\$EXIF:DateTaken[YYMMDD]% and other but nothing seems to work.
Specifying -o MySubFolder\File% gives no errors but the files get named File.jpg, File_1.jpg, File_2.jpg and so on.

Is this feature working at all?

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Re: o flag, %, $EXIF:DateTaken[YYMMDDdate format] and strftime

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At a quick look in the first instance, I think you need to include the extension in the -o term, at least I normally do.

And if you are using a batch file rather than the command line, you need to double the % symbol to %% to 'escape' the character in Windows cmd.exe.

I'm not familiar with EXIF but you may be able to get some information by Googling or searching the forum, if you haven't already done so.