All kind of lossless image compression

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All kind of lossless image compression

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Hello, tell me please all possibilities to LOSSLESSLY compress image using NConvert.

So, input data are:
1. I have image in BMP file format, let's it be "testimage.bmp" (8bpp or 24bpp).
2. My operation system is Windows and I need all actions be executed from the command line.
3. I have downloaded NConvert from
4. I run "cmd.exe", do "cd" to NConvert directory.

I need to perform all possible types of LOSSLESS image compression, that NConvert do provide. At least I need:
and I have found another software to compress in (but I would like to know HOW TO compress with NConvert too):
- JPEG2000,
- PNG.

Questions. Please, specify command lines "how to achieve my goal".
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Re: All kind of lossless image compression

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JPEG-LS is only in reading

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nconvert -out jp2 -q 100 testimage.bmp

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nconvert -out png testimage.bmp
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Re: All kind of lossless image compression

Post by Sprintdriver »

Isn't webp format supported?

It too provide losseless compression, often with smaller files than png's 8)