Convert to multipage tiff

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Convert to multipage tiff

Post by Valentina »

What is the exact syntax to convert several tiffs to one multipage tiff? I used

nconvert -o result.tif -multi img1.tif img2.tif img3.tif

but all it did was overwrite the three tiffs into result.tif.


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Post by helmut »

Please try this:

nconvert -o result.tif -out tiff -multi img1.tif img2.tif img3.tif

Note the extra "-out tiff" which sets the output format to TIFF.

In your case, the output file has the extension ".tif", but actually is a JPG file since no output format is specified and therefore the default format JPG is used. And as you might know the JPG format does not support multiple pages...

Perhaps Pierre can add some more checks/hints in nconvert.

multipage tiff - solved

Post by Valentina »

Thanks for replying - your tip did the trick!

That's a wonderful product that I'll advertise to all my friends!