Two Nconvert 6.80 32bits versions

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Two Nconvert 6.80 32bits versions

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Error on my side, I downloaded the full XnView classic 2.34 ZIP and both Nconvert ZIPs (32 and 64bits). Ending up with two 32bits Nconvert.exe 6.80, one in the full ZIP, another in the separate package. However, why are the binaries different? Both claim to be compiled on 2015-09-07 15:43:25. The Nconvert.exe in the full ZIP was linked 15:49 and its size is 2,264,024 bytes. The separate Nconvert.exe was linked 15:43 and its size is 2,259,968 bytes. The help output is different, one of the binaries supports more formats (notably BPG + WEBP).