NConvert jpeg -> yuv422

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NConvert jpeg -> yuv422

Post by jvass »

I am trying to convert a jpeg to yuv422 with the following command:
nconvert -out yuv422 *.jpeg
and it returns the error:
This output isn't possible (not yet implemented).
Am I doing something wrong, or just simply NConvert can't do the conversion?

I am actually trying to convert the jpeg to yuv422 for use in Avidemux, and a page says XnView can do it, but I don't know how. ... ilter_logo

Please help me out. Thanks!
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Re: NConvert jpeg -> yuv422

Post by XnTriq »

According to the documentation, NConvert can read but not write this particular “flavor” of the YUV format.
[color=green]nconvert -help |more[/color] or [color=green]nconvert -help > help.txt[/color] wrote:

Code: Select all

Available format:
               Name     Write  Description
               [uyvy    ]  *  : YUV 16Bits 
               [uyvyi   ]  *  : YUV 16Bits Interleaved 
               [yuv411  ]     : YUV 4:1:1 
               [yuv422  ]     : YUV 4:2:2 
               [yuv444  ]     : YUV 4:4:4 
[color=green]nconvert -help |more[/color] or [color=green]nconvert -help > help.txt[/color] wrote:

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        Options :
          -jxr_color value      : JpegXR color format (yuv444, yuv422, yuv420)
          -jxr_filter value     : JpegXR block filtering