Rebuild Thumbnail - XnView vs. nconvert

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Rebuild Thumbnail - XnView vs. nconvert

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Using XnView's "Recreate EXIF thumbnail" feature I can rebuild thumbnails perfectly. When using nconvert's "buildexifthumb" command the thumbnail is stripped from the file. I presumed that nconvert mirrored XnView in this function, but it appears not to. Any insight as to why nconvert might be doing this? I should mention that the "buildexifthumb" command does work for me with images from certain cameras, but with images from my Olympus Pen it does not. Of course I realize that due to MakerNotes and other various proprietary differences between digital camera metadata there may be compatibility issues.
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Re: Rebuild Thumbnail - XnView vs. nconvert

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could you send me a file with problem?