Colorize Image with Spot Channel

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Colorize Image with Spot Channel

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I am trying to reproduce precisely the Photoshop result with NConvert. The objective is to a have the exact same result Colorizing a spot channel of Photoshop with a file that had flowers with MIDTONES
The process is :
1 - transform the channel in -TRUECOLORS and use -BALANCE to colorize the channel :
the command line is : "NConvert -o "FlowersTrueRGB .png" -truecolours -balance 166 196 151 "FlowersChannel.png" "
Annexed : "FlowersChannel.png" / "FlowersTrueRGB.png" / "Flowers.psd"
Also Annexed : a Print-Screen of Photoshop with both : "FlowersTrueRGB.png" and "Flowers.psd" side by side
the process works perfectly. BUT, comparing on Photoshop :
The original PSD (also colored with the same RGB color X the file colored with NConvert - we have the following results :
1 - The color is OK
2 - The intensity of the Grey scales has been changed on NConvert file and there is a BIG visual Difference from the original.

How can be adjusted the process to keep the same results as Photoshop, please.
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