How to resize a jpg file by longest side?

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How to resize a jpg file by longest side?

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Hi guys!

I need some help here about the -resize function of nconvert.

Here is the result I want:

resize several photos according to a given value of the longest side, e.g. 3000 pixel, neither the width nor the height, but the longest side. (coz both landscapes and portraits are included)

I've tried the Xnconvert, there are some certain options in the "Actions" tab which allow me to set a value for the longest side during the batch convertion, but if i use the "export for nconvert" funtion, the .bat file that generated dose not work at all. the content of the generated bat file is like this:

nconvert -ratio -rtype lanczos -resize 3000%%%% 0%%%%

And I really need to use nconvert under the command line mode,

So, what should I do??

Thanks a lot

I'm using the 6.33 version of nconvert
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Re: [ NEED HELP ] How to resize a jpg file by longest side??

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Ok, nconvert doesn't support longest/shortest side, i'll add it