nconvert option -D deletes input files if used a second time

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nconvert option -D deletes input files if used a second time

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I am still trying to automate some regular procedure I do with my images.
I wrote a batch file with several invocations of nconvert (version 6.21, Win7 x64) to perform the individual steps, e.g. rotate, re-size, normalize, rename, add text.
It might make sense to use the batch a second time, after the first run was performed.

Then the batch does not work anymore, and nconvert deletes all images.
The malicious option is the -D option of nconvert.
The first run works perfectly, since the files are renamed, i.e. nconvert processes the input files into a new named file and deletes the input files afterwards.
The second run finds that input and output file name are exactly the same and the -D option irrevocably deletes all images.

Here's the line of the batch file:

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"C:\Program Files\nConvert\nconvert.exe" -v -normalize -autocontrast -autolevels -ratio -rtype lanczos -rflag decr -rflag orient -resize 1280 1024 -D -overwrite -out jpeg -o $\$$_###.jpg %1\*.jpg
For the first run, the folder might be "zzzz", the images might be image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc.
After the first run, (and as input for the second run) the images are named zzzz_001.jpg, zzzz_002.jpg, etc.

I think the behavior of the -D option is quite strange, instead of deleting in the case that the input and output file is the same, it should NOT delete anything after the conversion. The current behavior is quite ZEN-like, create it and the final step of the creation is to destroy everything :o. Automation is not easily possible, because one must carefully check if the folder-name and file-names differ (i.e. situation for first run) and use different scripts, one with the -D option, the other without it!

Is it possible to fix that?
Or am I doing something wrong?
Or can another option be used to modify the -D behavior if input and output file are of the same name?
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Re: nconvert option -D deletes input files if used a second

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strange, could you send me your email by email or PM