Can't make Xnview 1.7 run on OSX 10.4.3

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Can't make Xnview 1.7 run on OSX 10.4.3

Post by Louix »

Hi Pierre,
I love xnview 1.82 for PC. Very nice.

I have just got a Mac running latest OSX 10.4.3.

I download xnview (1.7) for Mac yesterday but when I click on it nothing happens! Is there something else I need to do? I unzipped it successfully but nothing happens when I click on Any ideas?

I read through the forum but I don't understand what to do about 1.7 not installing

Cheers Louix Chazique

Tried Installing x11

Post by Louix »

Hi Pierre,

I am adding to my last post....
I installed x11 from the Apple website (as did Schattenreiter in another post) and it says that I have a later version running which I gather is the same problem he had.

What I can't work out is how to get x11 started. I did a search for it on the hard drive and it is not there. I looked under Applications/utilities but no go.... what filename does it come under?

Any ideas
Louix Chazique

I had the same problem but you need to wait.

Post by Marino »

I had the same problem.
You need to give it time. As long as two minutes!
I doubleclicked on it automatically launched X11 , X11 opened a terminal window then nothing.
I could see Xnview open but it had no window nothing you could do with it.

Then I came to this forum, browsed a couple of topics and only then finally Xnview opened. It had a window with a menu. It takes awhile.

Keep in mind that in X11 the menubar is on the window, not on top of the screen like regular mac applications.

I have OsX 10.4.4 and X11 1.0