Windows options missing in X11/OS X ?

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Windows options missing in X11/OS X ?

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I use XnView as a helper to another program, the other program calls XnView to display images. Under Windows I can configure XnView so that, whenever the other program calls it, XnView always comes up with the same size window, at the same place on the screen, with the same zoom factor, as the last time.

Under X11 I cannot get XnView to do this. How can I get XnView in X11, to always come up with the same window size in the same place on the screen with the same zoom as the last time it was called?

Under Windows I set these options:

Misc: Remember last window position

Misc: Only one instance

View: Only one view opened

View: Maximize view when opened

In the OS X X11 version, three of the above options are not offered. This seems to be the reason XnView doesn't act the same under X11.

I would try to pass an ini file using the -ini command line option, however there is no information on the format of the .ini file. I looked in Windows 98 and there is no xnview.ini being created in C:\Program Files\Xnview that I could copy.