HUD windows: black, transluscent (links to source code+pics)

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HUD windows: black, transluscent (links to source code+pics)

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I`d love XnView to have that dark HUD window look.
Here`s what I`m talking about:


And here is source code, info and turorials on how to use HUD windows when programming a Mac application:

"Sean Patrick O’Brien, a fairly new Cocoa developer has recently released an iLife Controls framework. This allows you to create HUD Windows and controls such as buttons, sliders, popup menus etc. and also a smooth metal type window (again with controls such as buttons and frames)."

download of sample project: ... -and-more/

HUDWindow Source Code by Matt Legend Gemmell:

HMBlkAppKit is a framework which provides transparent black panels for Cocoa applications. This is a sub project of the Shiira project.

And the original Shiira HUD framework: ... framework/

general Mac programming sites: ... _beginners

Core Graphics animations: ... e-demo-app

HUD style themes for various Mac apps:

HUD theme for Adium:

Adium theme based on HUD plattes: ... ra_id=3206