How can I get Large bitamp from Postscript?? :)

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How can I get Large bitamp from Postscript?? :)

Post by indra »

Thank for good program, XnView. :D
Sorry for my weak English. :wink:

I have a question in using XnView SDK.
I'm making a printing program in Large Printer such like Nova500 etc.
I think that to print with Large Printer I must convert files into bitmap.
But my size is so huge that I can't convert it.
For example 600x1000(mm) in 1440 dpi.

My work flow is below.

1) eps to bmp // this step has problem. :(

2) apply icc profile

3) apply dithering

4) convert a dithered image to the printer-language (HPGL, RTL, etc)

5) send printer-job-data to printer

Please help me. Thank for reading.