GflAx SetBlob VB & SQL Server (VB)

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GflAx SetBlob VB & SQL Server (VB)

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Can someone post the code for using SetBlob to save an image to a database field? GetBlob works fine using the following code:

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    If dnvZip.rscmdFindZip.Fields("FileImage").Value <> Null Then
        gflImage.GetBlob CStr(dnvZip.rscmdFindZip.Fields("FileImage"))
        imgThumb.Picture = gflImage.GetPicture
    End If
I've tried various ways of assigning the return of SetBlob to the field's value without success. I can't get SendBinary to work either. Usually,I get a "No File Open" error.

I also have a question re. the versions. I'm using the GflAx193 dll currently. I downloaded the 2.07 version which doesn't have a version number on the dll - GflAx.dll. I tried running the example program from this download and it errors out asking for the 1.93 dll. What's the difference between the GflAx dll and the GflAx object?

Thanks for any info.