Virtual Directory

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Virtual Directory

Post by eincioglu »

"We managed to show the images from a physical path ( for examaple : C:\İnetpub\wwwroot\archieve\images\img.tiff ) But our images
are on a file server which is on a different machine from our IIS. Your component will be registered on IIS and we are going to reach the images
from your component. The location of images on the file server is defined as a virtual directory on IIS. (for example IMAGES\img.tiff ) .
But when we use the virtual directory name for the path information in your component we couldn't reach the images. Is there a restriction
to reach the images by using virtual directory or what we have to do to reach the images ?
We are excepting to hear from you ASAP."
Emrah Incioglu
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Post by b.e.wilson »

Is it possible to map the remote directory as a drive on your server? That way you will have a physical path on the IIS server to the image directory on the image server.