Custom Plugin is not loaded

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Custom Plugin is not loaded

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I'm very interested in creating several custom plugins for some texture formats that we are using in our game engine.

Unfortunately I couldn't use the to create a working plugin.
I can compile the sample and produce a working DLL, but the latest version of XnView (1.68.1 - 16 Feb 2004) doesn't load the plugin. (I have placed Xuser.dll in Plugins folder and restarted XnView several times). Also, I tested this with several older versions of XnView, but none of them is listing the plugin when I open "Info/Plugins Informations..." menu.

I have placed some MessageBox calls in every function, but only the DllMain function is called with DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH and DLL_PROCESS_DETACH.
Also I have noticed that the other plugins does not export the functions exported from Xuser.dll sample plugin (gfp.......), and the functions exported from other plugins are gffGetFormatInfo and gffGetPluginInfo.

Is the sample code from suported by XnView?
If it is suported, what version should I use?, and what should I do to make it work?
If it is not suported, could you give me some documentation for gffGetFormatInfo and gffGetPluginInfo functions?
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Re: interested in creating several custom plugins

Post by xnview »

Costin_Barzon wrote:(I have placed Xuser.dll
in PluginsEx folder and restarted XnView several times).
You must put your dll in Plugins folder!