Disguising filename with GFLAx

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Disguising filename with GFLAx

Post by christodhunter »


I use GFLAx to resize images on the fly for our image library. The code used looks like:

<img src="client/viewimage.asp?imagenumber=tomH_003&maxsize=305&watermark=0">

This works perfectly, but when the user downloads the image, the filename comes up as viewimage.asp.jpg. Is there any way that I can force the browser to see a different filename?
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Post by Ithier »

You can perhaps alter the name of the file by modifing the http header (there is an asp function to do that, but I can't remember the name).

Instead of sending "Content-Type: image/jpeg", you can try "Content-Disposition: attachment;filename=xxxx".