LoadBitmap slow in vb webservice

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LoadBitmap slow in vb webservice

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I recived this code from a collegue and it works fine when converting a pdf to a png in a simple visual studio form.

The problem is that I need to use the code on my webservice.

The problem is when I step through the code and execute the LoadBitmap(file) it just keep loading and no error comes up.

Here is the code I am using.

Dim g As New GflAx.GflAx
g.EpsHeight = 200
g.EpsDpi = 100
g.Page = 1
g.UseTransparency = True
g.SaveFormat = AX_SaveFormats.AX_PNG

I am currently using gflax version 2.82 with ghostscrip 8.64.

I am confident that their is no problem with my file as when I run the code on a simple form it works. (note: pdf is created using pdflib)

Is their any extra references that I need when using gflax with a webservice.

Any suggestions will help.
Thanks Liam
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Re: LoadBitmap slow in vb webservice

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gflax is registered?