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Quality less

Post by RankoR »

Hello! I use GFL SDK for some manipulations with Black & White JPEG pictures. But when I just load and save picture without changing something, I'm getting strongly "spoiled" image.
Here're load and save procedure's parts.

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GFL_BITMAP *bitmap = gflAllockBitmap(GFL_BINARY, 200, 120, 1, NULL); //!!!!!
	if ( bitmap == NULL )
		return NULL;

	memset(&params, 0, sizeof(GFL_LOAD_PARAMS));
	params.Flags = GFL_LOAD_BINARY_AS_GREY;
	params.FormatIndex = -1;
	params.Origin = GFL_TOP_LEFT;
	params.ColorModel = GFL_RGB;
	params.LinePadding = 1;
	params.DefaultAlpha = 0x00;
	params.Width = 200; 
	params.Height = 120; 

	if ( gflLoadBitmap(fName, &bitmap, &params, &info) != GFL_NO_ERROR )
		return NULL;


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bool _fastcall saveImage(char *fName, const GFL_BITMAP &bitmap)
	GFL_SAVE_PARAMS saveParams;
	memset(&saveParams, 0, sizeof(GFL_SAVE_PARAMS));
	saveParams.Flags = GFL_SAVE_ANYWAY;
	saveParams.Compression = GFL_NO_COMPRESSION;
	saveParams.Quality = 0;
	saveParams.Progressive = true;
	if ( gflSaveBitmap(fName, &bitmap, &saveParams) != GFL_NO_ERROR )
		return false;

	return true;
Can you help me?
// Sorry for my bad English =(
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Re: Quality less

Post by dominique »

Given my experience, loading an image with gfl is extremely simple, the lib will find all what it need int the file header.
So, after loading default load parameters, try to specify this params.Flags only:

You should specify the FormatIndex of the save parameters and then the compression, CompressionLevel or quality depending on the format.

Hope it helps.