Rpoblem with gflRotateFine method

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Rpoblem with gflRotateFine method

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Hi all,

I am a new member of this forum. I am facing a big problem and I need that resolution badly. I am using vb6 and gflsdk latest version. My code of rotation is given below,

rotateAngle = angle * sldRotate.Value

Dim Color As GFL_COLOR 'Background color
Color.Red = 0
Color.Blue = 0
Color.Green = 0

PtrBitmap2 = gflCloneBitmap(GflBitmap) 'Clone bitmap
If PtrBitmap2 <> &H0 Then
extGetGflBitmapFromPtr PtrBitmap2, GflBitmap2 'Get data on GflBitmap2
Error = gflRotateFine(GflBitmap2, PtrBitmap2, rotateAngle, Color)
If Error = 0 Then
extGetGflBitmapFromPtr PtrBitmap2, GflBitmap2 'If no error get data on GflBitmap2
End If
End If
extShowBitmapOnDc GflBitmap2, Picture1.hdc 'Display picture on the DC


Always I am getting Error=0, but the picture is not rotating. Please tell me how to solve this prolem.