Error message when Opening Online help

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Error message when Opening Online help

Post by helmut »

When opening the online help for GFL AX, I get an error message
"The file mk:@MSITStore:C:\Programme\GflSDK\Help\Help.chm::/Help.hhc contains an invalid HTML Tag".

After confirming this message, all works fine. Does anyone else experience this problem?
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Post by MaierMan »

I can NOT confirm this.

HHCTRL.OCX 5.02.3790.233
ITSS.DLL 5.02.3790.185
ITIRCL.DLL 5.02.3790.80
HHA.DLL 4.74.8702.0

You properly have to upgrade your Help System...

On the other hand its M$. :bug:
(Please ignore this flamebait :twisted: )