[Fixed] IPTC-Dialogue: german translation

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[Fixed] IPTC-Dialogue: german translation

Post by Peter2 »

- the string "update or create XMP" is in English, not in German

- the string "add to list auto. / Autom. hinzufügen" (Register keywords) begins to truncate a little bit the last two letters. Please give enough space for three text-line and change the text to "Automat. LF hinzu- LF fügen"

- the register "Origin" has the entries "Content location code" and "Country code". In german translation both words are translated with "Ländercode".

- "Keywords" is translated with "Stichworte" und "Stichwörter"..

XnViewMP 1.6.5 German, XnConvert 1.99, Win 10
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Post by helmut »

Thanks for your various annotations, Peter. English speakers like Pierre will not be able to handle your suggestions except they are about truncated labels.

I suggest to discuss issues regarding the German translations in topic German translation - Deutsche Übersetzung [German].