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Play more format & suggestions for improvement

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First of all, accept my heartiest greetings for developing such wonderful multipurpose software XNVIEW.
Here I want to share a great experience with you
I have installed “K-LITE MEGA CODEC PACK v3.80” (Which is absolutely free) from
This made XNVIEW to be able to play many other audio video formats such as amr, 3gp, rm, rmv, mp4, acc, ac3, divx, vob, and many more formats.
I must say to all to install that codec pack to expend the use of XNVIEW’s multimedia player.
Secondly, I would like to suggest some more improvement for XNVIEW:
1. PLAYLIST: Please include a PLAYLIST play option so that I may be able to switch to XNVIEW form media players and able to play a long list of mp3 songs without interruption.
2. ZOOM SLIDER: instead of zoom button please place a ZOOM SLIDER at the status bar (AS MS-OFFICE 2007 is providing), believe me it will be easier to use zoom function.
3. TOOL BAR: for most of commands of “IMAGE” menu you may provide a “TOOL BAR WITH ICONS” with the facility of dragging and switching on/off for image editing either left side or at bottom of window so that it may be easier to access most of the editing tool without clicking again and again on the “IMAGE” menu
4. ADDITION OF NEXT AND PREIVOUS BUTTONS IN PALY BAR: Please place a “NEXT” and “PERIVOUS” button in play bar so that it may be able to play the next/previous audio video file within the same folder.

With regards!!!

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