ShiftN - Correction of perspective distortion

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ShiftN - Correction of perspective distortion

Post by helmut »

In another forum I've just read about an interesting freeware:

ShiftN - Automatic correction of converging lines
When taking photos of high buidling, your image will have a perpective distortion. For correcting you can use graphic programs like FixFoto. The free software ShiftN can do it automatically.

The website is German, though ShiftN "speaks" English and German.

I've corrected one of my images taken during my holidays and was pretty surprised:

Entrance of Castle Caernavon (Wales), 2006 Helmut Müller

Correction with ShiftN:

ShiftN has corrected the above image automatically and cropped it to the largest possible area when saving. Thus correction is done easily and quick. Using parameters one can influence the correction and the result. The user interface is not high end, but still easy to use.

Sure enough not a filter for all photographs, but interesting nevertheless.

Greetings, Helmut
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Post by JohnFredC »

Thanks VERY MUCH for this link. It works great!
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Post by XnTriq »

On April 14th ShiftN v2.7 was released.
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Post by Troken »

XnTriq wrote:On April 14th ShiftN v2.7 was released.
Daniel (Brussels)

Post by Daniel (Brussels) »

Since January 2008 a new version 3.0 is avaiable.
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Post by Lesmo16 »

ShiftN 3.4 released 2008.10.25
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