ImageSorter - Sorting huge sets of images by their content

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ImageSorter - Sorting huge sets of images by their content

Post by Lesmo16 »

Very special - but could be useful sometimes!
ImageSorter is an image browsing application which, for the first time, allows an automatic sorting of images.

The use of digital images has increased enormously over recent years, however searching and browsing large collections of images efficiently remains a problem. Existing applications allow sorting images by name, date or file size. However images cannot be sorted by their content.

There are research approaches for content-based image retrieval systems. Images are searched and compared by their elementary statistical features. None of these approaches could reach the readiness for marketing until now – mainly because users rate the search results as unsatisfactory.

The program ImageSorter takes a different approach. The methods for content based image retrieval are not used for searching but for performing an automatic sorting of huge image collections. ImageSorter sorts images by the similarity of their color layouts. Images are sorted in such a way, that similar images are positioned close to each other. This sorting scheme makes it much easier to find a particular image within a huge set of images.
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Post by Troken »

Yes, thats a new approach to imagebrowning. Intresting. Maybe something for a future version of XnView? :wink:
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Post by JohnFredC »

Very cool... I would definitely use the sphere thing, though color is not the only useful image data space.

Too bad it doesn't recurse folders.