BinuScan CMYK Production+

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BinuScan CMYK Production+

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Nice freeware (edit: it is not free -Troken) if you need to adjust your CMYK-images, change ICC etc. Has a batch mode. Pretty useful.
Download here: ... _prod.html

CMYK Production+
is a 'robot': a batch application that will perform on images
everything needed to produce top quality CMYK files,
ready to deliver... for printing.

Example: selected digital camera images, 72dpi JPEG
- resize to a desired resolution, eg. 300 dpi
- resample to a desired size, eg. 105mm width
- color correction as defined in a pre-set module, including:
black and white points, brightness and contrast, color saturation and smart sharpening
- conversion to the selected RGB, Grayscale or CMYK ICC Profile
- conversion to the desired file format, eg. EPS/JPEG
- save files to selected folder

Top quality is achieved using state of the art algorithms including:
resampling, sharpening, color correction and ICC conversion, but the most impressive part is the CMYK Profile Optimisation using a binuscan proprietary technology:
starting from the same color space, the CMYK separation table is recalculated to print more accurate colors, images with more modeling on the offset print (with a contour-defining cyan plate), and an ink saving option especially useful for large format printing.
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Post by Frontier »

This is NOT freeware. Copy/pasting from ... urope.html

CMYK + is a downloadable application. To use it you will need a dongle (protection key to be plugged to a USB port). You may try it without a dongle. In demo mode, yellow lines will appear in the yellow channel.
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Frontier wrote:This is NOT freeware.
:? Yes, thats true, sorry about that. I'll edit my last post.
(Background: I read about it in a designer-magazine where they wrote that is was free. I was to hasty in writing about it here)

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that program is CRAP. we need inkscape and/or scribus to do this