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Google pages

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Google now has website hosting. It's currently in beta, to sign up you have to have a gmail account and then go to and put your gmail address in the "add to waitlist" section. The page editor will be good for those not familiar with HTML, but frustrating to those of us familiar with it. (The page editor is very much WYSIWYG, and difficult to create anything other than the templates they give you to choose from.) The upside is that this can be used as free image hosting. You can upload images from the page editing interface (no FTP uploads), these images can then be hotlinked in forums and such. There is a 100meg limit for your pages and images (combined), but there's no mention of any per-file limit (so you could presumeably upload a 99.9meg image (there's a default webpage that you can't get rid of, so you don't have the full 100megs to play with)). The resulting images will be you gmail ie:

*NOTE: Google pages doesn't work with opera, although it does work with IE, firefox, and seamonkey (presumeably netscape as well).
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Post by Dreamer »

Nice, thanks Drahken. Now we have to just send good suggestions them. :)