Disk Explorer Professional - Freeware

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Disk Explorer Professional - Freeware

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Disk Explorer Professional - Freeware


Organize all your files on CDs/DVDs: music, photo and video, downloaded archives... and browse your collection offline!

This application is a powerful tool for catalogizing all CDs, DVDs, floppies, ZIP disks, or other removable media, hard drives, network drives, or even FTP servers on the Internet (they are called volumes). Entire structure of volumes can be catalogized as well as internal structure of various archive files (ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH, CAB, TAR/GZIP, ACE, JAR and others) including self-extracting installers (EXE).


The application can automatically include contents of various commonly used files (such as readme.txt, file_id.diz) entirely or just in part into a catalog (called a database). Files can be processed by filters that can extract file summary or even create a thumbnail of the file. The current version is equipped with 17 filters which can extract for example song/interpreter/album name from MP3 or OGG files; size, bit-depth, format and even thumbnail from images of over 40 file formats (JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, CDR etc.); properties of various sound files; obtain title, keywords, author, statistics from office documents (such as MS Word and Excel); title from HTML documents; or just copyright holder, name and version from executables. Comments can be added to any volume or folder. All filters are fully configurable, different file types can be associated to any filter.

The application can work with any type of files, be it programs from the Internet, CD magazines, music collections (e.g. MP3, OGG or WAV), photo-albums, or anything else.

Files and folders can be searched in the database even if the original media (or Internet connection for FTP servers) is not currently available and this works really fast. Using an average computer, you can find your file even faster than you would insert a CD disc into a drive. Searching can be done using various criteria, such as file name wildcards, substring, regular expression, date, time, file attributes. Comments generated by filters can be searched as well.

Disk Explorer Professional can work with several databases at the same time. Volumes can be moved between databases. There is no limit on number of volumes in a single database. Having even hundreds of volumes in a single database does not imply higher memory or CPU speed requirements.

Despite all this features databases are very small. Most of the data is compressed. If you wish to send a database to your friend by e-mail, you may remove all unnecessary data from it, such as included file content or image thumbnails.

User interface of Disk Explorer is very user-friendly and quite similar to Windows Explorer, therefore virtually anybody can learn it very quickly.

Disk Explorer Professional comes with a royalty-free viewer that can be used for free distribution of self-view databases created using a full version of Disk Explorer Professional even to users that do not have a copy of Disk Explorer Professional.


This software is free for non-commercial use only. For use in a commercial, educational or governmental environment you must purchase license for every computer you wish to use it on. You are entitled to draw support and further services offered by Tomas Jelinek only by purchasing at least one license of Disk Explorer Professional.
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Post by Olivier_G »

Also check Cathy (46kB) if you prefer a smaller package or if your workflow can handle it (ie: no offline preview).
(I used it to catalog 300 CDs/DVDs of my Photos, Videos, etc... with different versions/duplicates thanks to a good workflow)