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PSPad editor (freeware)

Post by ckit »

Freeware programmer editor, usable for people who:

* work with various programming environments
* like highlighted syntax in code
* need a small tool with simple controls and the capabilities of a mighty code editor
* looking for a tool to work with plain text
* want to save money and still have the functionality of professional products

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Post by ckv »

:shock: That's one heavy editor... Way too hard core, even for me. :)
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PSPad 4.5.0 build 2181 has been Released!

Post by ckit »

PSPad 4.5.0 build 2181 has been Released!
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Post by VuDu »

it's an ide... not a simple editor.

if u want some editor, just go for notepad++ ;)
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Post by Olivier_G »

Side-note: Metapad, a light & efficient text Editor to replace Windows Notepad.
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PSPad 4.5.0 build 2183 has been Released!

Post by ckit »

PSPad 4.5.0 build 2183 has been Released!
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Post by ckit »

PSPad 4.5.1 build 2207 has been Released!
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Post by ckit »

PSPad 4.5.2 build 2240 has been Released.

* VBScript highlighter - many new keywords, added Const attribute
* speed up HEX replace without confirmation and XML reformat
* Higlighter settings - new option for C++ highlighter - Alternative preprocesor style
* new user highlighter comment style - Tab Key comments up to end of the line
* new [Special settings] variable - ShowHint - disable program hints
* Ctrl+Drop fle into editor inserts file name(s)
* added new keywords into PL/SQL and MySQL highlighters
* scripting - ftpCommand function returns string, returned by FTP server
* Open file from internet function remembers history
* Shift+Click on the File tab closes document
* scripting support - new general functions:
* ftpConnect(connection: string): Boolean - connect to defined FTP connection
* ftpDisconnect - disconnect FTP server
* ftpCommand(příkaz: string) - send command to FTP server, e.g.. "CWD \public\www"
* ftpDownloadFile(ftp_name, local_name): Boolean - download any file from FTP
* ftpUploadFile(local_name, ftp_name): Boolean - upload any file to FTP
* scripting support - new editor functions:
* readOnly(status: Boolean): Boolean - set or return current editor R/O status
* openFileFromFTP(name): Boolean - open file from FTP
* saveFileToFTP: Boolean - save open file to current FTP directory
* FTP connection window is resizable
* column block mode sets automatically scroll past EOL
* new clor option for the left gutter font color
* new user highlighter comment for HTML
* TeX - whole math mode is highlighted
* new option Program settings / Dialogs / []Cycle marks
* new option Program settings / Dialogs / []Confirm close PSPad with open files
* dblclick on the file tab closes file
* missing words added into VB highlighter
* modified JavaScript preview in the internal HTML brovser - wrapper depends of the HTML or XHTML setting in the multihighlighter
* addded VBScript preview in the internal HTML preview
* link to HTML TiDy online configurator added into Online tools (menu Help)
* Project and Favourite panel icons use standard icon set now
* modified nonconverted icons from the Office 2003 icon set
* ine CSS reformat - without empty lines, without spaces
* Code explorer for VHDL
* small changes in docking - PSPad remembers panels dock position for panels except Project and File explorer
* new command line parameter -E or /E - PSPad starts without restore save work
* new command line parameter: -U or /U for open source of the URL adress
* modified Mark List (Shift+Ctrl+B)
* Delete mark (Alt+Right) is back. New function - delete all marks added into menus
* Ctrl+Left mouse in the left gutter creates mark
* for each file is remebered 25 first marks or bookmarks in the File state. PSCache.BIN isn't compatible with the previous version. If any problem occurs, delete PSCache.bin file
* the next/previous mark function (Alt+Up/Down) allows cycle
* new bracket highlight + pair words highlight (in several languages yet). I am awaiting suggestions
* new Code explorer for the Unix Shell Script
* you can create any count of the bookmarks - set/unset Alt+Left, delete all Alt+Right (confirmation - Program settings/Dialogs)
* new User highlighter comment style - Forth
* Program settings / System - you can set Cascaded system context menu
* new icons for the Code explorer, Clipboard monitor, ...
* Code explorer - new button - synchronize with code - will locate item in the code explorer coresponding to line in the edito

* corrected replace with a new line (code Wang Guan Mmou). It isn't necessary to replace with a backward direction - report any problem
* Cobol Code explorer - numbers in the names, count in different styles of Cobol source code
* VBScript Code explorer - "property let"
* missing ");" in the Text to JScript function
* printing problems with a dark background
* Clipboard monitor doesn't support unicode
* Text diff from "outside" if file(s) already open
* highlight matching brackets
* clips for the TXT files
* Perl highlighter doesn't support multiline strings
* simple text - wordwrap split words, containing single quote (e.g. cat's)
* Unix Shell script highlighter - keywords highlighting
* interactive clips, open dialog and enclose file name into double quotes
* windows switching exception with one window only
* empty content of a file if project settings / UTF-8 as default CP and file wasn't in the UTF-8
* hang-up after compilation with errors if file with error wasn't open
* HTML reformat - spaces in formated code
* clip variables can contain underscore char
* mark shortcuts Alt+Left/Right/Up/Down didn't work if you run empty PSPad
* missing keywords in the MS-Dos Bat highlighter
* partially increased Search speed
* PSPad accepts file with normal slash in path as the cmmand line parameter
* Search/Replace problem if you replace with a empty string. Next correction of replace will follow
* C code explorer
* ECHO problems in the MS_Dos BAT highlighter
* if command line parameter contains '?', PSPad doesn't open URL
* Tab switch Alt+number if PSPad starts empty
* Search and cursor position depends of the Program settings / Editor
* exception if PSPad starts with nonexisting project
* PHP code explorer and functions outside classes
* PSPad doesn't refresh first file from the FTP after reopen
* Search - editor doesn't scroll to cursor position
* different Row height with and without highlighter
* restore numbered bookmarks after PSPad start
* PHP Code explorer - exception if empty
* Reformat HTML - PSPad freezes in some cases
* reformat to Inline CSS
* C++ Code explorer
* file context handler (problem was in the PSPad not in the handler)
* file information - last word in the file was missing
* FTP client - list of files from IBM mainframe (MVS)
* new text file doesn't highlight URLs
* Text differences - highlighting
* problems with the PSCache.bin file version
* FTP client and list files from VMS
* Java highlighter - numbers highlight
* MSDos highlighter - drives highlight, Echo and command delimiter
* context menu problem run PSPad in hex or text diff mode with long file names
* selected text wasn't tranfered into Google search
* Code explorer and unfinished XML causes program hang
* Links panel - %Line% variable
* macro record doesn't allow to recod unicode chars. Macro files are from now stored in unicode and are not compatible with older PSPad version!
* SQL code explorer and '$' char in procedure name
* NO answer in confirm dialog after closing modified project file
* User highlighter definition - wasn't possible to enter '_' and '-' cars in file filters
* Color select / Namd colors - problem with names for 'cyan', 'magenta'
* Project panel and rename folder using context menu
* Save file state and bookmarks
* PHP code explorer
* save file state if syntax is off causes exception
* splash screen was in Czech. Now will be always in English
* TextDiff with binnary files from command lines causes exception
* start PSPad from the command window
* Cobol highlighter Area settings wasn't set after PSPad start
* small bugs from previous build (Ctrl+Tab, Code explorer for AutoIt, ...)
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Post by Lesmo16 »

Yes, this is really a very good editor! I'm using it for years.

If you have need for a MS-Notepad replacement, please have a look at TED Notepad.
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Post by ckit »

Thanks, Lesmo16 :)

TED Notepad is great for single file editing and PSPad for multiple files like projects.
I'll have a look at TED Notepad soon to replace editor2 which I use for quick editing.
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Post by GeorgD »

I'm still looking for something like Notepad++ or PSPad or the like, but with good support of multiline search & replace (in NP++ it is implememented, but nearly impossible to use :( ). Thanks for hints! :) Georg
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Post by helmut »

PSPad is an editor with a wide variety of functionality. I very much like the included HTML checking and the quick switching between HTML source and HTML page preview using F10 key.