Star Wreck

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Star Wreck

Post by ckv »

This is old news for all the fans, but for those who don't know...
Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is finally ready!

I have waited this almost four years now, and I already ordered a DVD what I hopefully get on my hands on this or nex week. :mrgreen:

For those how don't know what Star Wreck is...
Star Wreck is a series of Finnish Star Trek parody movies. And In the Pirkinning is the sixth episode on this series and it's the first Finnish full-length scifi comedy, made from astounding special effects, action and loads of dark humour.

Just like all the other Star Wreck movies, In the Pirkinning is going to be vailable to download on 1st of October 2005 free of charge. :D
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Post by Hacker »

Hoorray! :D

Roman (a big fan of the finnish-talking Worf, the perfectly portrayed Capt. Sinclair and all the rest)
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Post by Irving »

It ought to be good, as long as that moron Berman is kept miles from it. 8)