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PhotoFiltre Studio 11

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:arrow: Version 11.2.0 (may 2021)

- Fixed a bug in the size of image window
- Fixed a translation bug
- Fixed a bug in Copy into (in case of empty zone)
- Bug fixes in image explorer (pfi, wmf and emf formats are accepted)
- Modification of the Paste region (Past in the center if the original region is not visible)
- Added parameter 'Save with default options' (in Preferences > File)
==> if this parameter is activated, the image is saved without dialog box
- Added 'Default Format' parameter
==> allows to force a format with the command 'Save as'
- Added tooltips in the image explorer (mouse over thumbnails)
- Added TIFF export format in the Automate/Batch module
- WebP format saves with a compression ratio of 90 instead of 75
==> too much loss of quality with 75

:arrow: Version 11.1.0 (april 2021)

- Bug fixes in the Automate/Batch module
. the sequence does not increment when opening a file generate an error
. the export format other than JPEG was wrong
- Possibility to select a link/shortcut (.lnk) for the functions "Acquire with" and "Open layer with"
==> allows to use apps from the store or apps requiring parameters
- Change of default format: PNG instead of JPEG when the extension is not recognized
==> PNG saves losslessly while remaining portable
- The "Set as wallpaper" tool saves the image in the user's Documents folder
==> the Windows folder, too protected, often generates errors
- Integrated 32-bit Twain scan module (pftwain32.exe)
==> does not support batch scanning

:arrow: Version 11.0.0 (march 2021)

- First 64-bit version developed with the core PhotoFiltre Studio 10
This new version will only be 64-bit for now. It supports lots of new formats like HDR, RAW, WebP, Jpeg2000.
Windows 10 Pro x64 21H2 and Vivaldi Browser (standalone)