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WEBSITE REQUEST: Add Hash info and Torrent download support

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 12:57 am
by Euphoria
I would like to request that hashes be provided for the files (md5/sha1, etc) for the files available for download to ensure their authenticity and validity upon completing a download.

Also, an option to download via Torrent has many benefits as well, providing the .torrent file is downloaded from a trusted source and an hash is also provided for it.
[*]A torrent will offload a great deal of bandwidth from the web servers as users who are downloading, and who have downloaded (are seeding the files) will share in providing the data.
[*]The download will be more reliable because torrents are downloaded in smaller chunks, each checksummed for validity.
[*]Torrents are pause-able and resumable.
[*]Can be downloaded with maximum bandwidth for faster connections
[*]The most reliable method for slower, less reliable connections (such as mobile 3G/4G) where data can be dropped.
[*]Torrents can be hosted 100% legitimately and at no cost through several public/free torrent trackers, or with little very little effort/resources to host a torrent tracker.

These suggestions come partly because I attempted to download XnViewMP from a throttled 3G connection (about 15Kbps). The website does not allow downloads to pause and resume, and it took a number of attempts to complete. One attempt stalled near the end and was unable to resume so I had to start over. Another download was "completed" but was corrupt. After the 4th attempt, I got a complete, valid download.
Mobile devices are being used as sources for internet service.
I believe that these suggestions would be easy to implement and benefit both the content provider (XnView) and the end user, regardless of their internet service provider, or speed. It improves quality of services and reduces overhead for all parties.

Thank you for your time, efforts and consideration. I hope my suggestions help improve the quality of XnView and related software!

Re: WEBSITE REQUEST: Add Hash info and Torrent download supp

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:19 pm
by DOS386
Euphoria wrote:I would like to request that hashes be provided for the files (md5/sha1, etc) for the files
How many hashes do you need? Anyway. I'm voting for CRC32, MD5 and SHA256.