Photoslop shopper seeks .dll enable .ICO format

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Photoslop shopper seeks .dll enable .ICO format

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i've had it before.
where could it have gone?
Where did she sleep?

“Last night?”
Why, yes, I guess.

Alas, If it isn't the same old song.
Dear friendly XnView users. I thought, perhaps this might be the best place to find the preferred answer.

Once upon a time, I recall having a 'shop plugin / add-on, whatever. I recall it being nothing more than a .dll, but the things I recall are not always valid.
If wishes were … and … was.... how/s that go? Something about in-one-hand, and-in the other, and... wait! i'm mixing-up two colloquialisms. the former, i believe not so foul as the latter. my apologies.

As I was saying, what I wish for… a solution for:
Photoshop CS2
though I have PS 6, and 7 as well.

How they accumulate, the P/S versions. Like so much snow. Or, so much marketing. (i.e. what are we on, CS 10 by now? {honestly, i don't know})
Epiphany! This notion of Agile flatulence! It was the Adobe model. Naw... if that were the case, wouldn't we have noticed something /change/ over the years, other than the name, and the price tag? Hmmm.... the wonders of the Universe.

but-- just to reiterate. it's a plugin, for the v7 - CS2 (preferring no dealings in the "Arggh!" zone) compatibility . I have a couple images, i wish to layer, and evacuate as .ICO format. Ultimately, i'll be using it for an "Export" icon, to be placed in the XnView toolbar.

It will be my delight to share with you the results, if I am able to do it. I'd try other apps (i.e. Paint.NET /might/ do me... unless /YOU/ have a better suggestion?)

Many thanks, Senoras, y Senoritas.
Have a go at these texts featuring graphics and imaging, please.