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Requires- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Organize your desktop and get more done with WindowTabs

WindowTabs is a tool for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows “7″ (32 and 64 bit) that provides tabbed window management for your desktop applications.

WindowTabs lets you:
Combine windows from different applications into tabbed groups
Organize your desktop using a simple drag and drop interface
Free up space on your Taskbar so you can work with more open windows
Easily drag and drop files between tabbed windows
Find and switch between windows quickly with keyboard shortcuts
Automatically group windows from the same process
Configure filtering rules for tabbing your applications

WindowTabs can help you if you’ve ever:
Wanted to add tabs to your favorite programs like Windows Messenger, Microsoft Office, system admin tools or development tools
Struggled with a desktop and Taskbar cluttered with too many open windows
Needed a program to help you logically organize your windows into more manageable groups

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