Lightroom 3 Beta available free to everyone

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Lightroom 3 Beta available free to everyone

Post by JohnFredC »

Here is a chance for anyone to learn about Lightroom. Adobe has made the new beta for version 3 available for download. You'll have to register with Adobe (no big deal), but then you get to use the beta for a while (until it expires).

Go here.

IMO, Lightroom is the best of the "big" commerical photo-editors. Everyone who uses such tools should at least give it a look. It's worth the effort.

(At the very least, scroll down on that page and watch the videos.)

A warning though: Lightroom eats RAM and cycles. A 1Gb 2.8ghz Pentium machine (my system, for instance) isn't quite fast enough. It works, but not as smoothly as it should.

Guess it is time for new equipment.