Recommended File-Rename-Tools?

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Re: Recommended File-Rename-Tools?

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cday wrote:...Ant Renamer mentioned in lian's post is a stand-alone exe that might be worth looking at (the rename preview is rather inconspicuous at lower left)... is 1-4a Rename (two operating modes and a good preview, but the interface can sometimes be rather puzzling).
...Yes but these are for Windows only, XnViewMP is for: Windows, Linux, Mac...
...But yes, it really depends on exactly what you want to do, I think
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Re: Recommended File-Rename-Tools?

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+1 for the previous suggestion of Bulk Rename Utility @
It's an integtral part of my workflow, portable, easily customizeable through profiles for repetitive tasks, supports regex, etc. Definitely try it out.