Wanted: "Tip of the day" software

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Wanted: "Tip of the day" software

Post by Peter2 »

I think it would be fine offering daily information like "Tip of the day" to my coworkes, using the company network.

Is there a
- simple,
- stable,
- free software which offers

- "tip of the day" functions
- with random selection
- a minimum of text formatting
- grouping functions for the tips ("Word", "Outlook", "XnView", ...)
- running in local network (at minimum the "tip data list"; maybe the software too?)
- using standard features (HTML or standard Windows features
- or the "XnView Tip of the day - feature, connected with a network database...??

Thanks in advance.

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Post by helmut »

Perhaps a Wiki with a "What's New" or "Last changes" section?
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